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Where are you Imam Mahdi…

Where are you Imam Mahdi ? we miss you so much . He will come with ideas, with plans To the christians he will say, look at this verse Didnt the psalms of David say  he will come with a two-adged sword? Here it is Zulfiqar The sword of Ali ibn Abitalib !!! Read More »

The Effects of Fasting in Ramadan

On the next day, He rewards you for every step you take during that day with the rewards of one who adored Him for a full year and the reward of one of His prophets, and He will reward you as though you had performed the fast for a full year. Read More »

The Philosophy of Fasting in Ramadan

We already know that it is obligatory on all adult and sane Muslims., men and women, provided they are not traveling, ill, too old or infirm, to keep fast during the month of Ramadan. In other words, it is to abstain from eating, drinking, coition, plunging head into water, swallowing thick airborne dust and all other acts invalidating fast Read More »

Supplication 1 of Imam Sajjad: Month of Ramadan

Imam Sajjad and Month of Ramadan Fasting is a fundamental worship in Islam that provides a great platform to gain self-control, piety, humbleness, sympathy to poor, sincerity to Allah and success in Hereafter. Fasting enable us to fight evil traits such as passion, lust, greed, arrogance and jealousy.   Read More »

Khalije Fars Business Center (Persian Gulf Business Center)—>Shiraz/Iran

Persian Gulf business, residential, entertainment and touristic center has about 550000 m^2 and according to global rankings this grand center is among the top 5 shopping and entertainment centers of the world. This is the biggest world mall with 2500 stores and units. Shiraz Persian Gulf Center consists of bazaars and different parts and is constructed from 7 blocks each ... Read More »

Help the needy in America[USA] , by “who is Hussain” organization

To see or download this pics go to link Read More »

Mausoleum of Ferdowsi

The mausoleum of Ferdowsi is located 20 km northeast of Mashhad along the public road that goes from Mashhad to Kalat Naderi. Haroonieh Monument and the historic town of Tabran are nearby. Read More »

Tehran towers—>Milad tower

The art gallery of the lobby is a place where artworks are presented using the facilities of the tower complex to showcase these works to the visitors. Read More »

Tehran Natural Attraction—>Tochal

The Archery Club: Covering an area of 3000 square meters, the archery club is located in the south eastern corner of the first tele cabin stop, offering facilities such as a grass field with eight target boards. Read More »

Tehran Natural Attraction—>Darband

The Darband tourist area has many modern as well as traditional cafes and restaurants, located both indoors and outdoors, ready to serve tourists in this beautiful mountainous area. Read More »

About Tehran City

The Tehran dialect of Persian is the standard dialect spoken in Iran and in Iranian media (except some local media). Read More »

Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS) Complex

Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS) Complex.Go to link. Read More »

Markets & mall in Tehran[in Iran]/photos

Markets in Tehran.Free download images of Tehran[markets]. Read More »

This is Tehran[Iran capital]

This is Tehran.Tehran is Iran capital.To see many images of Tehran go to link Read More »

Ashura blood donation in Iran

Ashura blood donation in Iran. Click on the link below to see more photos Read More »

shia muslims/women/6

To see or download shia muslims women images go to link. Read More »

conversion to Islam in Australia/clip

conversion to Islam in Australia.For download or see this clip go to link. Read More »

Many design about great personalities

Many design about great personalities.To see and free download go to read more. Read More »

Words of the Word of God Jesus Christ (a) Speaks through Shii Narrations Popular

Words of the Word of God Jesus Christ (a) Speaks through Shii Narrations Popular.To read book or download it go to read more. Read More »

Western Nationalism and Islamic Nationhood

Western Nationalism and Islamic Nationhood.To read book or free download it,go to read more. Read More »

The Victory of Truth The Life of Zaynab bint Ali

To read this book or free download it go to read more. Read More »