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Tehran towers—>Milad tower

The art gallery of the lobby is a place where artworks are presented using the facilities of the tower complex to showcase these works to the visitors.

In the name of Allah

Milad tower

برج میلاد

Tehran’s Milad Tower is a multi-purpose skyscraper located in northwestern Tehran. Milad Tower is the tallest tower in Iran and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. The head structure of this tower, which has an area of 12000 square meters, is the largest among all towers in the world in terms of area in use.

The general form of the body consists of a central octagon with some interior walls and four trapezoidal wings connected to it.

Milad Tower برج میلاد

In terms of the structure design, calculations and results based on the model of a wind tunnel, the tower has been designed for air flows as fast as 140 km/h and momentary gusts as fast as 220 km/h. This design also preserves the tower against earthquake, because the effects of wind force are 40 percent less than those of earthquake force. Taking into account these facts, four levels of earthquake have been considered in designing the Tower, which, in the second level, with a return period of 110 years, the building will be completely safe and no damage would occur. In the fourth level, i.e. a very severe earthquake that is likely to occur every 100 years in Tehran, the structure would maintain its stability.

The tower has been built to facilitate and expand wireless communications in Tehran, to optimize and expand the coverage of radio and television, and to create digital television infrastructure. It can also be used for traffic control, meteorology and tourism.

The approximate weight of the Tower is about 150 thousand tons; maximum diameter of the head structure is 60 meters in the 280-meter level; the total volume of the concrete used in the project is about 63 thousand cubic meters, and the volume of glass consumed is about 17 thousand square meters.

The Tower includes the foundation, tower’s foot building (lobby), shafts, head structure, and the television and communications antenna.

The main body starts from the foundation (level zero) and extends to level 315. The main body of the Tower has no public use and is only a passageway for the tower’s high-speed elevators and operation facilities. Every 12 meters, there is a story with an access to operation equipment. The traffic control cameras, air pollution measurement sensors and the like are also installed on the body.
Milad Tower برج میلاد

Tower’s Foot Building (lobby)

The foot building has six floors and an area of 17 thousand square meters. The ground floor of lobby is devoted to entrance and is where visitors are welcomed. The Tower’s sweeping, concrete ceilings and the unique arch shape of the building must surely be considered to be one of the most prominent pieces in contemporary architectural concrete work. Wood is the main material used in the framework of this ceiling. The design of the ceiling reminds us of the geometric design of an Iranian knot. Six escalators have been installed in the lobby, which have the capacity to carry 9000 people per hour. Four elevators, with a capacity to carry 21 people, are also placed in the lobby.

On the first three floors, 83 business units, an international food restaurant, cafeteria and an exhibition area of 200 square meters are planned to be built. The first and second floors located underground will include office space, operation facilities, and a data monitoring center. One of the particular features of this structure is the X shape columns that have been implemented as well as the arched roof, the construction of which uses a type of concrete instead of stone on the outside view of the lobby.

Ground Floor of Entrance Lobby

This floor is where the guest reception section, security control, tickets and entry cards control, lounge and waiting area are situated and the introduction film and model replica of the building are presented to the visitors. The speedy elevators, banks and ATM machines are all located in this floor of the lobby. A beautiful artwork by Master Farshid Mesqali known as ‘Leili and Majnoon’ adds to the beauty of this floor.

First Floor: Art Gallery and Commercial Stores

The art gallery of the lobby is a place where artworks are presented using the facilities of the tower complex to showcase these works to the visitors.

Tower’s Head Building

The head building is the main part of the tower to be exploited. It is built around a concrete shaft in 12 stories and an area of some 12000 square meters. The overall weight of the head’s metal structure is 2100 tons. The head building of Milad Tower is one of the largest ones among the world’s telecommunications towers. Except for the six high-speed elevators in the main body, there are two elevators with a capacity to carry 10 people installed in the central core of head building. Different levels of the head building includes the open observation deck, close observation deck, revolving restaurant with a capacity of 400, special restaurant with a capacity of 100, cafeteria, art galleries, special telecommunications and television stories.

Antenna Mast

Milad Tower’s antenna mast has a steel structure with a height of 120 meters the lowest part of which turns into a 16 polygon with a 6-meter diameter and its highest part turns into a 60-centimeter square. It is constructed from 360000 pieces of steel, bolts and nuts and weighs approximately 350 tons. There is a two-person elevator installed within the antenna mast which carries the Tower’s experts to a height of70 meters. Entries to other parts of the antenna are accessed by the stairs.

The mast has been designed and built in four parts. The bottom part is devoted to the installation of telecommunication antennas for common users and the three upper parts are allocated to analog and digital TV antennas.

Fire-Resistant Zone

This zone is a special floor for the times of crisis and fire. It has a capacity to hold up to 600 people. It is fire resistant and emergency and rescue operations are to be carried out here in times of emergency.

Tower’s Ancillary Facilities

Food Court Restaurants
Laser Hall
Paintball Club
۶D Cinema
Skating School
Dolphin Pool
Fish Spa
Sports Ground
Multi-Story Parking
Conference Halls

Zone: 2
Address 1: Milad Tower, pass with Milad Tower, Shahid Hemmat Highway entrance, Sheikh Fazlullah Nuri highway, Tehran, Iran
Address 1: تهران، بزرگراه شیخ فضل الله نوری، ورودی بزرگراه شهید همت، کنار گذر اختصاصی برج میلاد

Address 2: Milad Tower, the specific entrance of Milad Tower, after Chamran highway, Shahid Hakim highway west, Tehran, Iran
Address 2: تهران، بزرگراه شهید حکیم غرب، بعد از بزرگراه چمران، ورودی اختصاصی برج میلاد تهران

Address 3: Milad Tower, the specific cable bridge of Tehran Milad Tower, exit south of Sheikh Fadl Allah, Shahid Hemat highway east, Tehran, Iran
Address 3: تهران، بزرگراه شهید همت شرق، خروجی شیخ فضل اله جنوب، پل کابلی اختصاصی برج میلاد تهران

Business hour: 9 am- 11pm
Tel: +98-21-8585/84361535

Milad Tower برج میلاد


Milad Tower برج میلاد


Milad Tower برج میلاد


Milad Tower برج میلاد


Milad Tower برج میلاد


Milad Tower برج میلاد



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