Down Wtih USA/ clip

Downk with USA means down with policy of Aunited states, down with united states of Americas government…

Down with USA not means down with US people (united states people)…

In the name of Allah

Down = USA

By : Hamed Zamani and Ali-akbar Ghelich


  1. Hi,
    my Friend
    it’s so right

    Down Equal USA

    سلام دقیقا مرگ بر آمریکا یعنی مرگ بر دولت آمریکا،
    نه مردم آمریکا…


    admin Reply:

    Hi.Your sentences is right


  2. this clip it’s very beautiful & Very honest.



    admin Reply:

    Hi.Very thanks, my friend


  3. BOMB BOMB BOMB IRAN is written in the bottom of the receipt for a banner in Texas, which means bombing Iran …
    Even the people who buy their daily necessities should be encouraged to attack and bomb Iran.

    Propaganda of mass murder, the same as you did in Nagasaki and Hiroshima Japan?
    A good summary of Adam has a mirror.
    Of course, you get dirty glasses, hide your face in the mirror
    But others who are not blind!


    admin Reply:

    Hi my friend.
    Im sorry.


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