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Imam Khamenei: Anyone who placed hope in US was struck down, because of this trust

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Imam Khamenei: Anyone who placed hope in US was struck down, because of this trust

(AhlulBayt News Agency) – Meeting thousands of students on Thursday morning, Nov. 2nd 2017, Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, dubbed the younger generations ‘pioneers of society’, who could push society forward. He stressed: This talented and wise generation will, undoubtedly, lead our beloved Iran towards a more desirable level by overcoming obstacles and hardships; of course, the realization of this brilliant goal requires recognition of the primary and evil enemy of the Iranian nation: the United States. This requires education, hard work, and strengthening bonds with God.

At this meeting, which was held in commemoration of the November 4th anniversary of The National Day in the Fight Against Global Arrogance, Ayatollah Khamenei praised the energetic youth, and the generation’s ability to analyze, adding: “It is in the nature of the young to act and move forward, but in this country even our teens are forward moving.”

Speaking on examples of this fascinating reality, before and after the Islamic Revolution, he held: “During the revolution, teenagers, accompanying the youth, stepped onto the battlefield against tyranny; and, they were so sturdy against the tyrannical regime: that day, of November 4th, 1977, was named after them.

Ayatollah Khamenei reminded his young audience of the courageous presence in the Holy Defense, as another example, adding: “Adolescents fought in the imposed war like brave, efficient men.”

Comparing today’s generation of youth to those of the Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense era, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “We have precise information that our teenagers and youth, today, are analyzing and acting even better than those of previous generations.”

The Leader of the Revolution touched on the enemies’ efforts to deviate younger generations–through sex, drugs, devious video games–and added: “Despite all this animosity, millennials who have not seen Imam Khomeini or the revolution, follow the principles of the revolution with the same wisdom and persistence of the aware youth from early years of the revolution.”

Emphasizing that the hostilities projected by world tyrants have had no impact, so far, and that they [enemies] weren’t able to do a single thing, he announced: “My dear children, you are a generation that will be able to overcome the enemy’s ploys, obstacles, and hardships: you will take this country to its climax, towards Islamic ideals and the great aspirations of the nation; however, a number of conditions are important to achieve this goal.”

Explaining the necessity of studying the enemy, as a prerequisite towards pursuing the path of revolutionary goals and the nation, the Leader of the Revolution insisted, “The United States is truly the major malignant enemy,” and further stated, “I say this not based on prejudice or pessimism, but based on experience, correct analysis of situations, and observation of the realities within the field.”

Giving attention to recent comments made by the President of the United States, in which he [Trump] called the Iranian nation, ‘A nation of terrorists’, Ayatollah Khamenei articulated: “These immature remarks prove that the Americans [US gov.] are not only the enemies of the Iranian government and its leadership, but they also reveal their hatred and hostility towards the Iranian nation, a nation that has bravely stood up to them!”

Reflecting on the words of an American politician, some years ago, who indicated that Iran must be uprooted, he added: “The US is unable to understand that it is impossible to uproot a nation with a rich historical and cultural background.”

Contemplating on the United States’ grudge against the Iranian nation, which has led to false calculations and repeated mistakes on their part, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated: From the very first day, when victory of the Islamic Revolution was still in its infancy, the Americans started conspiring against it [the victorious revolution], and they have continued to do so, to no avail, till this today, while the Islamic Republic has become a great and powerful entity. Because, hatred and hostility have made them [US] unable to observe and understand the reality.

Turning his focus towards those who believe that ‘Iran needs to give into the US, just a bit so the US reduces animosity towards it,’ Ayatollah Khamenei asserted, “Historical experience, including what happened to Dr. Mosadegh, proves that, beyond doubt, the US does not even treat those who place their trust in them mercifully.” He added more detail, stating, “Mosadegh negotiated with the Americans and trusted them to resist the British, but it was the Americans who orchestrated the coup d’etat against him.” Concluding his remarks on this matter the Leader of the Revolution insisted: “The US would not even be satisfied with the likes of Dr. Mosadegh. They want a loyal servant, a submissive henchman, so they can effectively control an important and productive country like Iran, as they were doing so during the reign of the Shah.”




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