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If ISIS comes back…

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In the name of Allah


Who Created DAESH and Who Supported It?

As for international issues, there is an important point. If we pay careful attention, we reach a certain point which is the fact that the more investments our enemies make, the more losses they suffer. Take a look at the region and notice how much money they spent, for example, in Afghanistan. They are still stuck there. They are still incurring losses in West Asia – in Syria, in Iraq and in other places. They spent a huge amount of money to create DAESH. Of course, they claim that they destroyed DAESH, but the hell you destroyed it! Was it you who destroyed it? It was Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian and Lebanese youth who destroyed DAESH, not you!

First of all, it was you who created DAESH. Secondly, you invested heavily in them. You gave them weapons, resources and money. Your spending was massive and you gave them promotional resources. Those who are experts in the area of promotions would say that the promotional resources of DAESH were among the most advanced broadcasting and promotional resources. How did they obtain them? It was arrogance which gave them to DAESH: the same “excellencies” who were apparently not connected to them, but who are still supporting them.


On many occasions, the Daesh members were trapped in a siege, but then they would come with their helicopters and they would save and take them away so that they would not be destroyed in the siege. They used to sell Iraqi oil for a long period of time. One of the heads of countries said to me once that they used to see with satellites, the row of vehicles that would transport oil with the purpose of selling it for DAESH. And he said that American planes were escorting them from above. Not only did they not attack them, but they also protected them in certain cases!

What Happens if DAESH Returns?

But as I said, it was the determination of pious youth in those countries and in ours that destroyed DAESH. Now, they say that it has not been eradicated completely. Very well, if they come again, there is the same story: “If the scorpion returns, we will strike him again” [speaking in Arabic]. He crushed the scorpion with his shoe and then he said, “If it returns, I am carrying the same shoe and I will crush it again” [audience laughs].

Therefore, the more investments they made, the more losses they incurred. The current US President said that they have spent seven trillion dollars in the region, but what have they gained from the region? What have they earned? What do they have? The more money they spent, the more losses they suffered. And it will be the same from now on too, God willing.

Imam Khamenei, Oct 2, 2019

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