women(gender discrimination and …)

Killing us softly !!

killing us softly

My dears, to see or free download this nice clip, please go to read more…

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This is Yemen !This is “Human Rights” !

to see the images go to Read More….Im sorry…these images in Yemen are facts…

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The Arrivals/ Documentary

The Arrivals/ Documentary.For free download this documentary go to link and download it.

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Child Marriage Is Sharply Curtailed by New York Legislature

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, the sponsor of the bill raising the marriage age, said it would “dramatically change the lives of girls in New York” for the better. CreditNathaniel Brooks for The New York Times

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Madonna says about women/clip

Madonna(Madonna Luis Chikoni—>American singer) says about women…For see and free download this clip, go to link

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