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Join the Arbaeen Walk!/ clip

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In the name of Allah

People gather in different countries and places for a lot of different reasons. The pilgrims of Arbaeen gather in millions to honor a man who gave everything he had for the sake of God.

What is The Day of Arbaeen?

The arabic word ‘Arbaeen’ (pronounced Arr-ba-een) translates to forty (ie fortieth day). The traditional period of mourning in Islamic culture is forty days. Millions of people around the world mark the Day of Arbaeen by mourning the tragedy that befell Hussain ibn Ali, his family and his companions.

The History of Arbaeen Day

Hussain ibn Ali was a 7th century revolutionary leader who made a stand against Yazid ibn Muawiyah. Yazid was a tyrannical ruler who had illegally usurped power and was violating the basic rights and dignity of the people. Yazid wanted Hussain to pay allegiance to him, to lend credibility to his own corrupt rule. However Hussain refused to do so, based on his moral values and principles, and was killed by an army of over 30,000 whilst standing with a small number of 72.

After the Battle of Karbala, the forces of Yazid took the women and children of Hussain’s family as captive. They were paraded in chains through the streets of Kufa (Iraq) and Damascus (Syria) – where they were abused by crowds until eventually presented to Yazid and placed in prison.

Though Hussain has died, his movement still continued through his sister Zainab, and son Zain Al-Abideen. Hussain’s sister and his son defied Yazid in his own courtyard through famous sermons which unnerved even his closest allies. Eventually, Yazid had no choice but to free the captives as word spread across the region of the crime he had committed against Hussain ibn Ali and his family.

It is said that the Day of Arbaeen is the day on which Hussain’s family returned to the land of Karbala, to properly bid farewell to the fallen heroes and finally grieve for their loved ones.


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5 comments on “Join the Arbaeen Walk!/ clip

  1. با سلام و احترام فراون…بابت پیامی در خصوص تبادل لینک یا لوگو که عرض کرده بودید مزاحم شدم…شما ابتدا لوگوی سایت مازندرانه را به همراه لینک سایت در گوشواره سایت خود درج نمایید و سپس به ما اطلاع دهید تا لوگوی شما را در سایت مازندرانه ثبت کنیم…با تشکر.


  2. سلام خداقوت .
    دوست عزیز سایت شما قبلا لینک شده .
    موفق باشید .


  3. سلام ودرود خدا قوت همیشه خوشحال می شوم وافتخار می کنم نام زیبای شما رابا دیدگاه تان در پست های وبلاگ نظاره کنم ..
    در مورد تبادل لینک بله در خدمتیم


  4. سلام. دوست بزرگوار. ضمن تشکر از لطف شما،
    باعث افتخار بنده هست که بتونم با شما همکاری کنم
    یک سالی هست که مثل گذشته امکان فعالیت ندارم.
    شرمنده از اینکه دیر پاسخ دادم.
    هراز گاهی به اینجا سر می زنم و کم وبیش مطلب میذارم.

    قبلا تبادل لوگو داشتیم با وبلاگهای دیگه، اما چون متاسفانه بلاگفا مشکل داره در لینک دهی یا بعضی کدهای اسکریپت، دیگه تبادل لوگو ندارم
    اما لینک هر دو سایت رو در وبلاگ، قرار خواهم داد
    موفق باشید. یا علی


  5. سلام هر دو سایت لینکشد، موفق باشید


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