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Bin Salman is in danger; royal family may overturn him

In the name of Allah

(AhlulBayt News Agency) – A hard-working account on Twitter published a series of tweets about the situation of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, especially after the recent attack on the Peace Palace in Jeddah, where Mujtahid said bin Salman was present inside the palace at the moment of the attack.

What is remarkable about this time is the information he has given about what is happening within the royal family and the growing resentment of the young prince.He is known for his data on the Saudi royal family, but his identity is still unknown and speculation.

In his account, Mujtahid pointed to Bin Salman’s horror, shifts in his personality and growing hostility towards him within the family, explaining where he disappears most of the time.

Bin Salman was not injured in the recent attack on the royal palace in Jeddah, although he was present at the palace and was not far from the incident. He pointed out that the guards’ handling of the attack was not professional and that Bin Salman does not consider the palace a safe place.

It was considered that bin Salman was living before the attack a state of horror and anxiety and turmoil, and this incident came to increase horror and turmoil because of his belief that the parties to the family behind him.
Causes of fear and threat

He explained the reasons for the horror and turmoil experienced by bin Salman divided into two groups:

The first group belongs to him personally, and the second group is related to his family.

In recent months, he has undergone major changes in his behavior, program and daily practices that have affected his brain and psychology and made him shaky. These changes have affected Bin Salman’s own confidence, his daring to meet important figures and his ability to make a decision, as well as his inability to resist blackmail

The other change that took place was the great shift in the positions of the Saud family, where 95% of the Saud family were against it, most of whom were either satisfied with reality or indifferent. Most of them had previously been indifferent to their actions because there was no evidence of their impact on them personally, Low mental abilities that do not absorb the danger of the future

Al-Wa’i of the Al-Saud family was reassured that Ibn Nayef was a safety valve because he is known for his commitment to the policy of his predecessors towards the cohesion of the family and towards scientists, tribes and other countries. However, in recent months, after the dismissal of Mohammed bin Nayef, One of them personally

Promise these things as follows:

The first is the acquisition of Ibn Salman and his small circle on all projects, deals and concessions through NESMA and the Public Investment Fund and his personal influence

He said that according to the family estimate if Ibn Salman continued in this acquisition will remain only salary, which is not enough pocket money and does not equal anything in front of other means. Which angered the members of the family more according to Mujtahid is that those close to Ibn Salman from outside the family became their share of thefts more than the share of the princes, and their influence is stronger than the influence of the princes.

The second is their feeling of insecurity after the imprisonment of Ibn Nayef, the prison of the officers and the judges affiliated with him, the imprisonment of Abdulaziz bin Fahd and other emirs, and the majority of them being prevented from traveling.

Third, their fear of losing the entire government because of the chaos in the economy and the Yemeni and Qatari coffers and arrests and alienation and normalization, which provokes the community and opens the door to armed rebellion.

Mujtahid stressed that these reasons led to the issue of the Crown Prince being a hot issue within the family and a lot of confusion in the internal councils and the voices of calling for the coup against him and the situation.

He pointed out that many of them fell to get around Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz and pressure on Mteb bin Abdullah so as not to accept the abdication of the National Guard, which is currently led to avoid the exclusive bin Salman all the armed forces.