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In the name of Allah


There is no way other than annihilation of the baby-killer Israeli regime

Today, Western imperialist powers — that is to say, a few large, rich and powerful Western powers headed by the US and malevolent England behind them — have stood firm to defend this usurping, oppressive and cold-hearted regime: this is of extreme importance. They are supporting the Zionist regime openly. What exactly are they supporting? They are supporting the creator of tragedy: no ordinary and fair-minded person would accept any insensitivity towards these horrific crimes.

Why do they [the West] support this regime? They support it for the absurd reason that the President of the U.S.A. does. He says, “Israel has the right to ensure its own security.” So, Palestinians do not have the right to ensure their own security? Is it acceptable for a government [“Israel”] to threaten the lives of a people who have been ruthlessly besieged by them, while they [“Israel”] have no sentiment? Does anyone find this acceptable? How will history judge their [“Israel” and allies] reasoning?

The officials of these arrogant countries [“Israel” support system] do not understand what they are doing — as they support “Israel” — to their own dignity and the dignity of their homelands, historically. They stand before the world with complete shamelessness and announce that they support “Israel.” They do not at all point to the events that are happening in the region, today, or to the disaster that a destructive and dangerous element [“Israel”] is creating…

These unbelievable crimes reflect the reality of the wolf-like and children killing regime; the only cure is to eliminate it. Until then, the only way to fight this barbaric regime is the resolute and armed resistance of the Palestinians and its spread to the West Bank.