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IRGC: A necessary phenomenon for any independent, anti-US nation

IRGC’s art is training talented and devout human forces…

In the name of Allah

IRGC: A necessary phenomenon for any independent, anti-US nation

  • IRGC’s art is training talented and devout human forces

    Sep 17, 2013The performance of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps over the past years has been brilliant. I am not saying this as a ceremonial gesture, like the words of praise which are uttered in many places. This is a fact. The performance of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps represents the experience of our nation. That is to say, the depth of the personality and identity of the Iranian nation can be seen in this performance because the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps enters the arena with faith and belief. What kind of arena? The arena of jihad and resistance. It has built the strongest and the most intelligent military commanders. During the war, those who became designers- and as foreigners say “strategists”- while they were young and below thirty years old and had not received any military education. It was the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps who built them. It was this organization which created such a spiritual environment. It was the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps which founded such an organization on the basis of faith and belief. It has built a number of outstanding personalities whom our nation and our history will never forget. This is the art of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. These are the things which this organization has done in the area of war. Besides these, we can see that it has built and introduced the wisest, the strongest and the best managers in non-military areas. The list of people that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has introduced to the ruling organizations of the Islamic Republic is very long and glorious. This is the performance of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

  • IRGC seeks to achieve divine and humane values in the world

    Jul 4, 2011the identity of the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps as the guardian of the Revolution should not be interpreted as conservative. Guardianship means preserving and safeguarding. In one analysis, this guardianship can be interpreted as conservative. That is to say, we can say the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps is responsible to preserve the current situation of the Revolution. I do not agree with this interpretation. Preserving and safeguarding the Revolution does not mean preserving its current situation. Why? Because the Revolution is by nature a progressive movement, and an accelerated movement at that. What is the direction? The Revolution is moving towards the goals that have been delineated. The goals will not change. The principles and values which we should insist on and for which we should lay down our life, are the kind of principles and values that have been specified in our goals. The ultimate goal is transcendence, perfection and closeness to God. A less important goal is self-education. A less important goal is to establish an Islamic society in which all the characteristics of an Islamic society are present, including justice, monotheism and spirituality. These are the goals. These goals cannot be changed. That is to say, we cannot afford to give up some of our goals. For instance, we should not say, “Alright, there was a day when we wanted to establish justice, but we realized that we cannot establish justice, so let us just settle for something that looks like justice.” No, the goal is to establish justice. Monotheism and establishment of perfect sharia and justice – these are the goals and they cannot be changed. However, we can move towards these goals slowly or fast. The methods can be changed. Different measures may be adopted. The Revolution is moving in this direction. Preserving and safeguarding the Revolution means maintaining this progressive movement. This is the duty of the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps. If we adopt this perspective and interpret guardianship in this way, then the dynamism and enthusiasm that is embodied by the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps will be intensified.

  • How was the IRGC formed?

    May 31, 2011The Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps was established in the most sensitive and complex conditions in the history of this country, and it was not easy to establish it. This holy organization has been entrusted with difficult responsibilities since its establishment. During the early days, the assets of the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps were nothing but faith, motivation and revolutionary enthusiasm. Of course the young members had different qualifications. They were from universities and military centers, and they had qualifications. But they completely lacked experience and were not at all equipped for that difficult arena. Their valuable assets were their faith, their revolutionary enthusiasm, their preparedness for selfless efforts and their willingness to lay down their lives for their goals. And they were successful. Shortly after it had been established, the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps had to engage in serious confrontations. The faithful and young members were faced with real battlefields in different parts of the country and in Tehran. The first war games of the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps were real battles. They really had to lay down their lives and enter the battlefields, and this was what they did. Thanks to the revolutionary enthusiasm, all the other requirements were achieved later on. They gained experience. The spirit of innovation started to develop. They learnt whatever they needed. There was enthusiasm for knowledge. They learnt whatever they needed to learn. They used their innovation to develop whatever they needed for their spiritual and material battle, and they had a brilliant performance in the battlefields. They were successful both in the battle against the aggressive enemy and in revolutionary jihad in the highly confusing context of our society at that time.

  • The Mobilized Resistance Forces and the IRGC were innovated by Imam Khomeini (r.a.)

    May 3, 2008The establishment of Basij was one of the innovations of our magnanimous Imam (r.a.). Turning Basij, which first meant a combination of sacred motives, commitment and devotion, into an organization was one of the major innovations of our magnanimous Imam (r.a.). This was indeed a great movement by Imam Khomeini (r.a.). It was Basij – that is to say, a group of enthusiastic volunteers – that helped establish the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps. Although Basij is affiliated to the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps, the early members of Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps were the former Basij members. Basij members stepped in and helped form this organization. This is an immaculate tree. Therefore, our nation did not feel enervated at any point during the great event that took place within our country – namely, the Sacred Defense. In spite of the fact that we were incomparable to our enemies in terms of our military might, weapons, and ordinary military capabilities – in fact, all we had was not even a fraction of what our enemies possessed – we never felt inadequate. Despite the hardships during the Sacred Defense, enthusiastic presence of our youth filled hearts with hope, and it proved to be very effective indeed.

  • Is the IRGC a mere military organization?

    May 21, 2007What is the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps? Is it just a military organization? No, the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps is the symbol of revolutionary and courageous resistance. Never forget this. Do not think that the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps is just a military organization. Therefore, people cannot detach themselves from the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps by arguing, “The Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps is a military organization and we are not members of the military.” No, the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps is beyond a military organization. The Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps is an organization for resistance and selfless struggle. It is an organization that aims to achieve the same goals for which you are studying in our universities. It grew in the fertile ground that the Islamic Revolution provided, in the arena of selfless struggle. This is the essence of the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps.

  • The IRGC represents a culture

    Oct 9, 2002Being a guardian of the Revolution represents a culture; a culture of dignity and pride. Guarding the faith and the Revolution—which is embodied in the IRGC today—is not merely a military action; rather, it also represents a culture. It includes aspects of religion, politics, self-sacrifice and selfless endeavor aspects. Obviously, it also has a military aspect. That is, it has been, and will be the military arm of the Revolution. The Revolution needs this protection as much as before. This is a permanent necessity. Out of ignorance—we would like to hope that it is out of ignorance—some attack the foundations of selfless endeavor and martyrdom for the sake of Allah. They do not understand what they are doing. What they do is like sitting on a branch and cutting down the tree. They do not comprehend what miracles can be brought about, and what great achievements can be accomplished by a nation equipped with the tremendous instruments of Jihad (selfless endeavor) and martyrdom for the sake of Allah. They want to leave the Revolution and the Islamic government defenseless against world powers so that they can devour and decimate it. Obviously, when coming from enemies, these suggestions are completely calculated, and purposeful. But some, apparently without knowing what they are doing, repeat the same remarks by the enemies.

  • Mobilized Resistance Forces’ success relies on the depth of its popularity among Iranian people

    Nov 12, 2001The reach of Basij goes afar. Basij is not limited to the Mobilized Resistance Forces. The resistance forces of Basij is like a locomotive driving the great train of mobilization of the Iranian nation forward with its activity, ingenuity, and readiness. As such, the reach of Basij is far wider than just Mobilized Resistance Forces. The country needs Basij’s resistance forces. However, it also needs popular mobilization in every cultural, political, economic, social, and when necessary, military field. It is the duty of Basij’s resistance forces to be the role model for all Basiji young individuals among the nation. A young person who considers himself/herself to be serving the goals and ideals of the Revolution as a member of Basij’s resistance forces must make himself/herself to motivate and attract others and be an engine for scientific, ethical, spiritual, intellectual and political construction.

  • Without the Mobilized Resistance Forces and the IRGC, Iran would have failed the war with Saddam

    Nov 12, 2001One of the great achievements of Basij [Mobilized Forces] is that through it, the IRGC was transformed from a small, limited organization to an effective and massive military force and managed to come out victoriously from the imposed war, in the view of the Iranian nation. If it was not for this fruitful and rich tree in this land, the outcome of the war would have surely been different than what came about. The war was imposed on us to humiliate the Iranian nation. But Basij proved them wrong with its strong presence, which was a sign of the dignity of the Iranian nation. The war was imposed on us to accuse the blessed Islamic Republic of Iran of being weak in defending the country’s borders. However, with a presence among the armed forces and through self-sacrifice, Basij made the foundations of the Islamic Republic evermore stronger. It was proven that defending the frontiers in the Islamic government is not simply a task relying on the regular forces—that may or may not be ready—rather, it relies on the will of the Iranian nation.

  • What is the reason behind IRGC sustainability despite all the animosity?

    Nov 13, 1999The creation of the IRGC was not merely because the establishment sought to create a new armed force. This was not the only goal. There was more to it. The issue was to consider and enforce the thought system, ideology and faith—which represent the moral elements of power—in every component of the new military force and this was achieved as much as possible. This was the basis of the matter. After the creation of the IRGC, those who did not wish for it to exist pushed it to the limits of extinction and isolated it several times. They ignored it and refused to finance it. They criticized it time and again. But the IRGC survived and flourished. That is how a strong basis persists. Why? Because the moral element of power in this organization has been abundant. What is that moral element of power? Belief, faith, devotion, selfless endeavor to perform one’s duties, selfless endeavor for the sake of God, selfless endeavor regardless of material compensation. These are important points. These are the factors that protect an organization and a system of government. This concept has been at the heart of the revolution. One should not be deceived by some ostensible factors exaggerated, magnified and distorted by those opposing the foundations of the Revolution. The truth is that there is faith.

  • Global recognition of the power of the IRGC

    Sep 17, 1997The IRGC is a valuable organization. I do not want to talk further about the IRGC after all that was said by Imam Khomeini, I have humbly talked about, too. But you should know that the IRGC plays a crucial role. It has a spiritual and revolutionary status. It is the offspring of the Revolution. It is nurtured by the revolution and the revolution owes to it, too. It is a bilateral relation. The IRGC is an armed force. But it relies on spirituality, knowledge, and sense of responsibility with no mundane or worldly motivations. These are important points. You may see political analysts or famous figures around the world exaggerate about the IRGC. It is in fact no exaggeration. Their audience may regard their views as exaggerated. But we are familiar with the facts, and we know that their claims are not out of exaggeration. They are part of the reality. Sometimes they cannot see the spirituality or understand the spiritual values, yet they observe the resulting greatness of the IRGC. This is because this organization has been so brilliant and has undertaken many responsibilities and tasks. Do not take these for granted or regard them as insignificant.

  • IRGC is a unique phenomenon in the world that can be a model for revolutionary nations

    Sep 18, 1991The IRGC is a unique, and probably matchless phenomenon in our known history. Its birth and growth happened during the revolution and the consequent difficult challenges. At the start of the war, the IRGC was a small entity. It was like a newborn child. But this child born from the revolution was nourished correctly and incessantly by the flow of the revolution to become strong, powerful and ever growing until the day revolutionary truths unfolded the first miracles by the young IRGC members on the battlefields: unorganized masses became organized military units. Unrestrained love and excitement were set to work within a professional military framework. With their experience growing, those passionate about making self-sacrifice and Jihad found the reasonable way for successful Jihad that is designated by God. Each one of these events was a stage in your progress forward.

  • The key to the success of the IRGC

    Sep 16, 1991In the light of the revolutionary and spiritual morale that emanated from the enlightening heart and the sincere spirit of the Imam of the mystics and the leader of the pious, thus satisfying the spiritual quest of the young and sincere IRGC and Basij fighters more than anyone else, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards managed to play an important role in repelling the imperialist agents’ aggression on the Islamic Republic. Alongside the army, and by employing the popular Basij movement, the IRGC managed to give a hard lesson to the enemies of Islam and guarantee the protection and continuation of the Islamic Republic. It was also evidence for our nation, the armed forces, and the officials of the country of the influence of relying on God, revolutionary spirit, and courage in the field of action, and it removed from their hearts the temptation to turn towards foreigners and seek help from the unworthy. Thank God, the Islamic Republic has achieved great victories in different fields by relying on our human resources nurtured by the revolution.

  • IRGC does not seek to create wars

    Nov 20, 1989We do not seek war, but we are ready for defense. We are alive and vigilant. We will not disregard the great and valuable treasure at our disposal; that is our revolution, Islam, and our system of government, and we will defend it. This does not equate creating wars. This is our way. The nation, in particular the armed forces, must know that there is no end to being vigilant and prepared to defend and in the great assembly of the nation and the soldiers and defenders of the Revolution, the IRGC has a special status.

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