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The US role in overthrowing over 50 independent governments since 1945

” All the nations together can take great actions”.please go to read more…

In the name of Allah

The US role in overthrowing over 50 independent governments since 1945

After the collapse of the base of communism, the US president at that time announced the new order of the world. He revealed the US’s old arrogance-driven goal, his true nature, and the true intentions of the American political system. These decisions were not made at that time. Decades earlier, they had decided and announced that they wouldn’t allow any other power to enter Latin America. Latin America became the exclusive area of the United States of America. Gradually, this was extended to include all the world. However, they didn’t announce this to be a determined goal and didn’t speak of it. After they felt they didn’t have a big rival, like the USSR, they announced it almost explicitly; a unipolar world – the new world order with one single power dominating over the entire world. This was their goal, and all of America’s plans for action during the past decades prove this. Their goal is to expand their military hegemony followed by political and economic hegemony, entirely to the benefit of companies that truly determine the policies of the US government. They determine their government’s orientation. These are facts, which if people today know this, they will make a timely decision. If people understand what is going on in their world, they will have the power to decide and take a stance. All the nations together can take great actions.
They have given me statistics, from 1945 (till 2002), that the US government has played a role in overthrowing 40 independent governments that were not dependent on the US. In over 20 of these cases, they used military involvement! These intrusions unexceptionally resulted in the massacre of many and great catastrophes. Of course, the US has been successful in some cases, and unsuccessful in others. There are clear examples in our minds, which are not far off, including: the atomic bombs in Japan toward the end of World War II, which were also mentioned by Mr. President, the bloody war in Vietnam with unforgettable catastrophes that eventually ended with the defeat of the US, the example in Chile, the 1953 coup in Iran – in which an American agent came to Tehran and started planning and taking actions, which they themselves later announced. Their documents were published and are now accessible to all. There were many other places too. These were all carried out by big business companies, large American capitalists, power-seeking groups, influential Zionist groups, and ethically and morally corrupted people who had high positions. This is a very heavy record and a disgraceful past for the US. These are not small things. For them, massacring people is not important. Destroying wealth and doing away with justice are not important. Human catastrophes are not important. None of these matters are regarded as obstacles in their way. In order to protect their appearances before others, they have many facilities for propaganda and mass media at their disposal. The term ‘a louder voice’ describes it well. They try to cover over the catastrophes they have caused by adjusting the world’s attitude using a louder voice. They try to show themselves as being the supporters of peace, democracy and human rights.

Imam Khamenei, March 18, 2002

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