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Karbala pictures

shia-shia muslim-Imam Hussain-Imam Hussain pbuh-between two sanctuary

Karbala pictures… Read More »

Imam Khamenei (Allah protect him)

These images are about Imam Khamenei , The leader of Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Ummah (May Allah protect him)… Read More »

Shia Muslim

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Ashura blood donation in Iran

Ashura blood donation in Iran. Click on the link below to see more photos Read More »

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Shia Muslim infants

Shia Muslim infants during Muharram and International day of Hazrat Ali Asghar (PBUH) Read More »

Shia Muslims and Shiite English

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Shia Msulim

In the name of Allah Self-flagellation (Tatbir) is forbidden in Islam and great Shia scholars such as Imam Khamenei and Ayatullah Sistani have prohibited such violent behaviors. Read More »